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  • Plugin name : BeycanPress Advanced Story
  • Plugin version : 2.0.0
  • Author : BeycanPress
  • Support forum : #
  • License : GPLv 3

What is BeycanPress Advanced Story?

BeycanPress Advanced Story is a simple and useful plugin that allows you to create Instagram style stories in WordPress. Instagram style stories creation plugin for wordpress. Wp story, WordPress story plugin, Instagram style stories for WordPress You can also run BeycanPress Advanced Story by including a single file in your own projects.


  • Automatic media dedect
  • Creating admin stories
  • Users can create stories
  • Creating WordPress post stories
  • Creating WooCommerce product stories
  • Show Google Web Stories stories
  • Video and photo support
  • Button link and story title support
  • Dynamic story background and button style and title style
  • Deleting the story on the specified date
  • User stories are deleted after 24 hours
  • Users can delete stories they have created
  • Dynamic transition time for each story
  • Featured image selection for story groups
  • Gravatar profile picture shown in user stories
  • You can add Google Adsense ads for story groups.
  • Loco Translate can translate into any language you want
  • Gutenberg block
  • Elementor widget
  • Classic ( TinyMCE ) editor Button
  • Multiple shortcodes and stories can be used within the same page

Recommended dimensions:

  • Featured image: 80×80px
  • Image: 1080×1920px
  • Video: 1080×1920px


Installing BeycanPress Advanced Story is quite simple. From Wp-admin, scroll to the plugins area and click Add New.


Click the install plugin button at the top of the page that opens later. And a space will open up. Click the Select File button in the drop-down area to select the plugin file given to you and click the Install Now button.


After waiting a little, click the Activate plugin button on the page that opens and complete the plugin installation process.

How to create an admin story?

First, click the BP story menu from the admin panel, then click the add new story button.Screenshot_1

A screen like the one below will welcome you and the featured image will be a thumbnail of the related story group.


In the story options section, you can change the background image of the story group.

The "Create story" button allows you to add a story. Click this button and a new story is added.

What are the fields in the story good for?

  • Title

          The text that will appear at the top of the story.

  • Button link

           The button that will appear below the story is the url adress.

  • Button text

           It is the button text that will appear at the bottom of the story.

  • Date of deletion

           Date the story will be deleted ( If you leave it blank, it will not be deleted at all. )

  • Duration

           How long to wait before automatically moving to the next story

  • Media type

           To indicate the type of media you are adding

  • Select media

           Area where you can add pictures or videos

Yes, after creating as many stories as you want, we can press the publish button and then sort our stories according to the use of shortcodes.

How to create an post story?

When adding a new post, there will be a field called story setting in the sidebar. If you click on the story visibility option, it will appear as a story in the categories you have selected. Do not forget to make the necessary settings by pressing the "Story setting open" button. I mentioned the settings in the previous narration.


The default featured images are taken from the post categories.

How to create an product story?

As with the same post, the only thing that changes is that it will display as stories under product categories rather than post categories. The default featured image images are pulled from the product categories.

How to create an user story?

For users to create a story, they must be given a link to a page with the story maker.

This could be a page where you add the "[bp-story-creator]" shortcode. Or it could be the BuddyPress and bbPress profile page.

While creating the story, the settings are the same as the way I mentioned first.

How to create an "Google Web Stories" story?

If you installed the Google Web Stories plugin, create a story using its story generator.

Then you can list these stories on a page with the short code "[bp-story-web-stories]".

Use of shortcodes

You can list the stories with the following shortcodes, there are parameters that these shortcodes take. You can make various settings by entering these parameters.

1 - [bp-story-admin]

With this shortcode, you can list the stories you have created for the admin from the BP Story menu. You can either list them all or you can list the story groups whose ids you enter with the "ids" parameter.

The parameters it takes:
  • ids
  • ad
  • count
  • time

2 - [bp-story-posts]

With this shortcode, you can list WordPress categories as story groups. And the articles in the categories are listed as stories, of course, if you chose the story appearance while adding the post. The last 5 articles in the category are listed in the style of a headline system.

The parameters it takes:
  • ids
  • ad
  • count
  • time

3 - [bp-story-products]

Its usage is exactly the same as "[bp-story-posts]" shortcode, only listing products instead of articles.

4 - [bp-story-users]

Lists stories created by users. No other jokess: D

The parameters it takes:
  • ad
  • count
  • time

5 - [bp-story-web-stories]

Lists groups of stories you create with Google Web Stories for easy access.

The parameters it takes:
  • ids

6 - [bp-story-creator]

If you are using BuddyPress and bbPress, there will already be a story generator section on the profile page of these plugins.

But if you are not using these plugins, you can show the story generator with this shortcode.

7 - What are the parameters for?

a - ids

If you enter the ids of the story groups you create with this parameter separated by a comma as follows, only listen to the story groups whose id you enter. If you are going to use this for articles and products then you need to enter the category ids.

[bp-story-posts ids="26,86,26"]

=> The parameters below are for ad settings.

b - ad

If you set this parameter to "on", the ad system will run.

c - count

Sets how many stories to show ads after. For example, there are 6 stories, you gave the value 2. An ad slot is added after every 2 stories.

d - time

Determines how many seconds the ad will automatically last.

You add the ad code on the settings page.

What do the settings do!

1 - BP Story data deletion status

Indicates whether data is deleted when the add-on is deleted. If it is open, all data created by BP Story is deleted.

2 - BuddyPress my stories page

On/Off the story maker section on the BuddyPress profile page.

3 - bbPress my stories space

On/Off the story maker section on the bbPress profile page.

4 - Default category image

Default image for categories with no featured image.

5 - Default post image

Default image for admin stories groups and Google Web Stories with no featured image.

6 - Google adsense ad code

Google Adsense code for ads

Version history

- Version 2.0.1

  • Fixed: Automatic detection of media type

- Version 2.0.0

  • Added: Elementor widget
  • Added: Gutenberg blog
  • Added: Classic ( TinyMCE ) editor button
  • Added: Multiple shortcodes and stories can be used within the same page
  • Added: Automatic media dedect
  • Fixed: Fixed the issue where shortcodes could not be used on the same page
  • Fixed: Problem with scroll reset when clicking on a story
  • Made simple: Front-end user story submission area has been simplified
  • Made simple: Post and product story setting area has been simplified
  • Mage simple: Admin story creation made simple
  • Updated: Arrangements have been made according to the end user
  • Removed: Auto update system

- Version 1.2.1

  • Fixed: Elementor - "you must call the_content function in the current template elementor" error repaired
  • Fixed: "Post and product story visibility was not removed." problem repaired

- Version 1.2.0

  • Added: Maximum file size specification field has been added to the setting section
  • Added: Added allowed file types for front-end section in the setting section.
  • Added: Media upload area has been added to front-end user story creation section.
  • Fixed: Post and product story list url error fixed
  • Updated: Frontend user story upload section and display styles for stories have been updated.

- Version 1.0.0

  • Plugin released


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